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2018 Taxes and Money

Feb 11, 2018

Brian Martin and Amanda Dickson sit down with Susan Speirs, a CPA and board member of the Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants or UACPA, and Shane Stewart, a Certified Financial Planner with Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators or DMBA, to find out what changes in tax law you need to know in 2018 before you file your 2017 IRS returns. 

In today's segment, DMBA Financial Planner Shane Stewart talks about whether it's better to take more out of your taxes now and get more money back later, or try your best to break even. Sure, the big refund is nice, but Shane's advice is to keep that money in your paycheck every two weeks and pay down more debt over the course of the year instead of waiting for the annual tax return windfall. More to the point: Shane says now is the time to update your W-4, using an online tax calculator to find the right exemption and deduction for your financial situation. 

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